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What do we do?

Since 1999, Sferiel creates innovative products from the new technologies as well as data retrieval and traffic analysis software.

Sferiel is above all an independent family-owned company composed of 5 to 6 employees who wants to be as close as possible to the customers.  

Our activity goes from the conception and the manufacture to the sale of our counting products. 

We ensure the electronic and mechanical design of all our products. As well, software placed in our counters are developed by Sferiel in order to answer to the customer needs and to be reactive in this changing field. 

We built all of our electronic products we sell except consumable materials. All of the counter and stations are built and assemble in our workplace.

Our fixed counter and mobile stations use the conventional technologies in traffic analysis: pneumatic tubes, electromagnetic loops, radar…

Our concern about the environment leads us to develop self-sufficient, small equipment space and very low in energy consumption products in order to lower the energy needed and focus on solar energy.  

Our research department is always aware of the new technologies and develops innovating products using less and less energy. The road sector moving fast, we need to test new technologies on measurement and geopositioning.

Because no one have better ideas that the one who uses the products, our research department is in permanent  contact with the customer and form the users through training courses.  

Sferiel is also a member of ATEC and Syndicat des Equipements de la Route.